Marketing solutions

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"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after" - Anne Morrow Lindbergh


If you have something to say but just don't know how to say it we can bring your message to life. Whatever your style, tone, format or structure we will write whatever it is you need.

We provide the following copywriting services for a host of clients: Web copy, newsletters, presentations, tenders, case studies, speeches, press releases, proposals, brochure text or adverts.

Tell us what you want to talk about and how you want to be perceived and we will do the rest.

Whether it is the traditional print or electronic media, be it advertising, newspapers, or a website, copywriting is the use of a strong blend of powerful, motivating and persuasive words that not only put your message across to your target audiences, but also brings about the desired results.

In advertising, good copywriting grabs attention, creates user interest, holds attention, conveys useful product information and expects to generate more sales. You're right, we are talking A.I.D.A. formula! Grab Attention, create Interest, build Desire and bring them to Action! A newspaper article, on the other hand needs to be informative, interesting and absorbing. It cannot be denied that credibility also plays a crucial role. It is important to keep your audience in mind while writing: Whom are you addressing? Who are the people reading your article? What exactly are they interested in reading?

Zzing will help you create the perfect piece of copy.